This website was created by Raymond Krehn while planning a family vacation outside of his home town. After viewing the destination's subreddit and finding a huge list of options for his family, he couldn't decide on which ones to do except a few ideas such as museums and hiking. Even then, he wasn't sure which museums or where to go hiking. After spending a few hours of research, he gave up and decided to ask ChatGPT for an itinerary and gave it some things he knew he wanted to do. Much to his surprise, it was very detailed and fit in a lot of the recommendations he found on reddit. He loved the itinerary so much that he decided to create a website that would give everyone the same opportunity. ReisPlan was created.

ReisPlan utilizes ChatGPT by OpenAI by informing ChatGPT that it is a travel advisor and requires a detailed itinerary. It takes your input and feeds it to the travel advisor to build your itinerary.

This site is completely free. If you want to support the website, please use the affiliate links that provide you quick access to book flights, activities, and hotels. ReisPlan is Dutch for route plan (or itinerary).